Điều khoản & Điều kiện

1. The Payment Agent(s) that are engaged by the Company to carry out non-trading transactions under this Agreement is (are) also a Party (Parties) to this Agreement. Details of The Payment Agent(s) are stated in the present Agreement. The Company, Payment Agent(s) and Client are jointly referred to as “Parties”.

2. The following documents are an integral part of this Service Agreement (annexes to this Service Agreement):

  • a. Regulation on trading transactions;

  • b. Regulation on non-trading transactions and the KYC/AML policy;

  • c. Risk disclosure;

    d. Other documents placed in the ‘Legal Information’ section on the Company’s website, including but not limited to the subdomains of the Company’s website that are accessible by the Client and / or in the trading terminal.

    The Company may unilaterally alter the list, name, and content of annexes to this Agreement. The Company may add new annexes to the Agreement or delete existing ones without making any amendments to this clause. The text of the Service Agreement and of the annexes to it is referred to as the Agreement.

3. The Agreement is an invitation to make offers posted on the Company’s website that must be treated as an offer to enter into this Agreement on the terms set forth in it. The posted offer is not public. The Company at its sole discretion may refuse to enter into an Agreement with anyone without explaining the reasons for refusal or, if registration took place, to terminate contractual relations and to block access to the trading terminal. The Client’s registration on the Company’s Website or on the trading terminal is considered as full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Agreement. As soon as the Company receives a payment to replenish the Client’s trading account, each Client transaction using the trading terminal or Dashboard becomes the subject of this Agreement.

4. The Client must carefully review the terms of the Agreement. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Client agrees to the terms of all annexes to it listed above, including the terms on subdomains of the Company’s website that are accessible by the Client and confirms that he/she is an adult who is a legally capable person and is not a resident of a country where trading in options may be deemed illegal. The Client also represents and warrants to the Company that:

4.1. All information provided during Client registration and during the performance of Agreement, is true, accurate, reliable and complete in all respects, and the Client completed the registration form him/herself;

4.2. The Client possesses legal personality to enter into this Agreement, to make inquiries and give orders, and to exercise his rights and to fulfill obligations in accordance with the terms of the Agreement;

4.3. The Client will carry out trading and non-trading transactions personally, on his own behalf and at his own expense and will not use funds borrowed from other Company Clients or from third parties to carry out transactions. The Client will be guided by the principles of integrity, honesty, and rationality; the Client will not take actions coordinated with other Company Clients aimed at damaging the Company; the Client will not use technical features of the quote stream update on the trading terminal and will not use software errors, defects, and vulnerabilities he discovers in the trading terminal to extract income and will not distribute the information about vulnerabilities to the third parties. The Client will not use unfair and dishonest methods or ways of making trades (transactions) with the Company; the Client will not use insider or confidential information or any other information, as a result of the use of which the Client might benefit when trading with the Company and/or that might damage the Company;

4.4. The Client will adhere to legal norms, in particular, but not limited to, international norms aimed at controlling illegal trade, financial fraud, and money laundering;

4.5. The Client will not use the trading terminal or website to collude in illegal financial activities or any other illegal transaction;

4.6. The money listed by the Client on the Company’s account has legal origin. The Client legally owns the money and has the right to use and manage it. The Client’s account will not be replenished from third party payment instruments. The Client will not replenish third party Client accounts or withdraw money from the Client’s account to third party payment instruments.

4.7. No actions of the Client pursuant to the Agreement will violate any law, regulation, right, bylaws, or rules and regulations applicable to the Client or in the jurisdiction where he/she resides or the provisions of any other agreement binding on the Client or involving any assets of the Client.

4.8. To carry out transactions, the Client will use account data from Trading Terminal belonging to him and will not transfer account data to third parties and will not use account data of the Company’s clients for trading and (or) non-trading operations;

4.9. The Client is not a federal or municipal employee, an employee of a federal or municipal institution, an employee of a federal or municipal organization, an organization in whose capital the state has a prevailing interest; the Client is not a politically significant person, a family member or a relative of a politically significant person; the Client is not a person closely connected with a politically significant person; the Client is not a person connected with the United States or with another country in which the Company does not operate. The terms used in this paragraph are interpreted and applied by the Company at its own discretion in accordance with the norms of international legislation and/or legislation of a particular state, generally accepted terms and definitions, customary business practices.

5. The subject of the Agreement is the definition of the general conditions under which the Parties carry out transactions (trades), the content and procedure for which are set forth in this Agreement. The Company unilaterally sets and may alter at its sole discretion essential conditions for a transaction (trade), may limit the number of trades executed simultaneously, and limit the number of trades that a Client may make within the time period set by the Company, may set other limits for trades at its sole discretion and unilaterally.

6. The Company may engage third parties to perform this Agreement. The company is not responsible for services provided by such third parties.